2013年から2017年にかけて毎年渡米し、ベーシストVictor Wooten主催「Vixcamps」に参加。Victor Wooten、Regi Wooten、Anthony Wellington、Howard Levy、Steve Baileyといったミュージシャンに教えを受ける。

兄、磯部寛樹(gt)と共に、菅沼孝三氏(dr)を招き、2016年ファーストアルバム「into the night」、2018年セカンドアルバム「into the night2」をリリース。セカンドアルバムには川口千里(dr)も参加。

2016年度リーリトナー6string theoryコンペティション、ベース世界6位。

ベーシストVictor Wootenのジャパンツアー2019の大阪公演にて今井晴萌(ts)と共にゲスト出演。

International songwriting competition 2019ジャズ部門でhonorable mention受賞。

Born into a musical family, bassist and composer Naoki Isobe started to learn western classical music at the age of 4. Besides studying classical piano, Naoki started to play jazz and popular music on the alto saxophone at 8, rock and funk music on electric guitar and bass at 13. Then he started to play jazz gigs on bass during his high school years.

In 2013, when he was still in high school, he first took part in "VixCamps", which is a music and nature camp hosted by bassist, Victor Wooten. Since then he has paticipated in the same camp every year until 2017, and has learned music from musicians such as, Victor Wooten, Regi Wooten, Anthony Wellington, Howard Levy, and Steve Bailey.

With Naoki's older brother, Hiroki Isobe on electric guitar, he released his first progressive rock and jazz fusion album "Into the Night" in 2016 and second album "Into the Night 2" in 2018 with drummers Kozo Suganuma and Senri Kawaguchi.

In 2016 Naoki placed as a 5th bass finalist in Lee Ritenor's Six String Theory Competition. In 2019 he sat in with the Victor Wooten band at Osaka’s Billboard Live with Harumo Imai on tenor sax.

Besides being a career bassist, he also works as a pianist on a contemporary jazz duo project with his brother Hiroki Isobe called "Into the Night 2".